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Welcome to Bojidar Dimitrov's Pentax K-Mount Page
Last updated: 30 May, 2014
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A Long-Awaited Update and a New Co-Author
Dear readers, in the last few years I let other projects take priority, so I couldn't update the KMP as often as I would have liked. But thanks to the help and motivation of Pentax-aficionado and expert Arnold Stark, today we are very happy to present you with a complete update of all Pentax bodies and teleconverters. An update of all lenses is also in the works.
A Six-Month World Trip
My girlfriend and I are taking a six-month break from our jobs (01 July - 31 Dec, 2014) in order to travel "around" the world. We intend to visit the following countries: Tanzania & Zanzibar, Malaysia (Sabah), Philippines (Cebu, Mindanao), Papua New Guinea, Indonesia (Java), Bangladesh, Singapore, Ecuador, Peru, Chile (Patagonia). If you want to read about our experiences and our photography, please check out our blog Photographically Curious.
And if you live in any these countries and want to show us your way of life, please get in touch. We are much more interested in the people and culture than in the famous tourist attractions, so we'd be thrilled to visit you!
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