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Changes to the KMP

  * Arnold Stark is a new co-author of the KMP
  * Updated the teleconverters
  * Updated the camera bodies
  * Added a link to Photographically Curious


  * Added DA 35/2.4 AL, D FA 100/2.8 Macro WR, DA 18-135/3.5-5.6 AL ED [IF] WR
  * Added K-5, K-r, K-x
  * Added a link to photogether
  * Google analytics


  * Several corrections and additions.


  * Separated the bodies in the K_D series into K_D and K.
  * New format for the listing of bodies, flashes and lenses.


  * Added all new items: K-7, WR lenses, white lenses, white and Swarovski
    versions of the K-m / K2000.


  * 68 new, larger and better equipment pictures: 12 bodies, 40 lenses,
    4 data backs, 5 macro-photography items, 7 miscellaneous


  * Added all Products introduced at Photokina 2008.
  * Removed M28/2.8 gold and M35/2.8 gold since they do not seem to be
    original Pentax products.
  * The 50/1.2 Gold is now listed as a product variation of the K50/1.2 and
    not as separate item.
  * The A50/1.2 Special is now listed as a product variation of the A50/1.2
    and not as separate item.
  * Flash coverage is now listed as 35mm-eqivalent focal length and not real
    focal length.


  * Added M28/2.8 gold and M35/2.8 gold.


  * New Pentax Products announced at PMA 2008: K20D, K200D,
    DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL II, DA 35/2.8 Macro, DA 55-300/4-5.8 ED,
    DA* 200/2.8, DA* 300/4.
  * Production dates and rarity ratings are now always consistent with


  * 10th anniversary of the KMP!
  * New look without frames.
  * Added a "Donate" button to the KMP, after several people REQUESTED that
    I do so.


  * New lens DA 18-250/3.5-6.3 AL ED [IF]


  * World map (ClustrMap) showing where the visitors of the KMP come from.
  * The DA* 16-50/2.8 and DA* 50-135/2.8 are now shipping.
  * The K10D does not have auto pop-up flash.
  * Images of the 50th Aniversary body and Takumar-DA lens.
  * The K2 DMD has an aperture readout in the viewfinder.
  * All non-SMC 28-80 3.5-4.5 lenses have an 8-8 optical formula.


  * Added a ClustrMap to the main page.


  * Added a page for the K100D Super.
  * Added pages for DA* 16-50/2.8 and DA* 50-135/2.8.
  * Added the K10D Grand Prix 2007 to the K10D page.
  * Added the Asahi Pentax 50th Aniv. and Takumar DA 40/2.8 Limited
  * Added the silver-black version to the FAJ75-300/4.5-5.8 page.
  * Corrected the sort-order of the lenses so that the grouping by optical
    construction works once again


  * Correct optical diagrams for the D FA 50/2.8 Macro and 10-17/3.5-4.5
    Fish-Eye Zoom


  * Reworked the lens mounts und AF functions in order to properly describe
    the MZ-60/ZX-60.
  * New summary pages for the digital bodies -- now with columns with
    information relevant to digital bodies.
  * The K10D can now control flashes remotely
  * No more " " in the ToDo list.


  * New Java classes for generating the pages.
  * Optical diagram for the M35/1.4.
  * The MZ-60/ZX-60 does not work with A-series lenses.
  * the A3/A3000 does not have all mount contacts connected.
  * Various small addisions.


  * Updated the list of items currently in production.
  * Digital bodies list shake-reduction and dust-removal features
  * Updated the rarity of all products and reduced the rarity cathegories
    from 9 to 6 -- such fine granularity is not needed and is not


  * Added *ist DS2, *ist DL2, *ist DL, K10D, K100D, K110D, D-BG2.
  * Added DA 21/3.2 AL Limited, DA 70/2.4 Limited.
  * Added description and comments on FA* 24/2.
  * About 20 new catalog numbers, thanks to Chris Thompson.
  * Optical diagram and size of the 8.4 Fish-Eye.
  * Corrected the size of the KX body.


  * First update after changing my database from Oracle to FireBird.  The
    next update will include all newly-releases items.
  * Better images of about 40 lenses and bodies, thanks to George de
  * Several small additions and corrections.


  * Added the recent Pentax announcements to the initial page.


  * Diverse small additions.


  * Added information about the 15/3.5 AL lens.


  * Several new optical images
  * Inserted some small pieces of missing information
  * Updated which products are in production (disturbingly few!)


  * I received lots of small bits and pieces of information, they are now
    integrated into the respective pages


  * 9 New images, thanks to Knut Kampe
  * several improved optical diagrams
  * info on hoods and cases for several lenses
  * *ist DS2
  * DA10-17/3.5-4.5 Fish


  * Corrected the introduction and discontinuation dates of many products.
    Inserted several catalog numbers for bodies and lenses.  According to
    Pentax Germany, there are curently only 6 primes and 11 zooms in
    production -- any other lens that can still be bought new is a
    "warehouse" product.


  * finally enough time for an update!
  * I still have LOTS and LOTS of e-mails to process, and I will do so in the
    next weeks/months.
  * all new items up to date and a few correction of older items


  * FA 18-55/3.5-5.6, DA 40/2.8 Limited
  * small additions and corrections


  * optical diagram A 100/2.8 Macro (!!!!!)
  * addition of D FA 50/2.8 Macro  and D FA 100/2.8 Macro
  * Small additions and corrections.


  * Image of KX motor (silver-black) and bulk back K.
  * Some discontinued lenses.
  * Small additions and corrections.


  * Info on the 8.4/2.8 Fish and M35/1.4 lenses.
  * Added data for the DA 14/2.8 ED [IF].
  * Added data on the *ist D firmware update 1.11.


  * Added data for the DA 16-45/4 AL & ED lens.
  * Added data on the *ist D firmware update 1.10.


  * Discovered a new lens variation: FA 28-105/4-5.6 [IF] in black.


  * changed 'SMC' into 'smc' for all F, A, M and post-1977 K-series lenses
  * some info on the K45-125/4 lens
  * a few corrections
  * a few improved images
  * filled in a few pieces of missing data.
  * image of a gold K2 DMD


  * ist D review
  * images from *ist D, *ist, FAJ 18-35/4-5.6, FAJ 28-80/3.5-5.6,
    FAJ 75-300/4.5-5.8, K105/2.8.


  * Filled in most of the missing information on the FAJ 18-35/4-5.6 and
    *ist D.
  * Added several lens sales codes.


  * changed the mount information on the *ist D body.  Now I indicate
    "crippled" Kaf mount.
  * several new images.
  * weight and size of the K2, viewfinder coverage.
  * correct weight for the K150/4.
  * all catalog numbers for all MX and LX screens.


  * 5-digit catalog numbers for the LX screens and viewfinders
  * Several new images


  * Added pages for the *ist, *ist D, FAJ 18-35, FAJ 28-80,
    FAJ 75-300.
  * Adjusted the "Technical Discussions" pages with information on
    the FAJ lenses.  Sadly, now there are even more exceptions to the
    "grand claim of K-mount compatibility".
  * Reduced the height of the main menu by 60 pixels.  Now it should
    also fit within browsers running on 800x600 resolution.
  * Removed "For Sale" from the main menu.  Whenever I have something
    to sell, I will put a link on the start page.


  * The bodies "summary pages" now list the viewfinder magnification
    and coverage.
  * Replaced about 30 optical diagrams with higher-quality images
    (thanks to George de Fockert).
  * Lots of corrections and additions to the bodies pages.


  * During a visit to Pentax, Germany I was allowed to photograph
    all equipment shown in their display cases.
  * Added info on the focusing screens of the MZ-S.
  * Corrected various errors in the bodies pages.


  * Redesign of the KMP appearance.
  * Inserted a "rarity" field for each product.
  * A few new images under [Bodies] - [camera-related photos].


  * Each camera body now has a dedicated page.  Eventually each page
    will include a description and subjective comments for the body
    that its describes.
  * Added the MZ-60/ZX-60 body to the bodies with "crippled" Kaf
    mount.  Explained how to get around some of the limitations of
    that lens mount.


  * Total redesign of the database model and the Java KMP program.
    Now everything is centered around 'KmpItem' and not around 'Lens'.
  * Each detail page now contains "production data" and "marketing
    data" sections.
  * Total update of the TODO list.


  * All teleconverter-ralated pages are automatically generated by a
    Java program.
  * The http://KMP.BDimitrov.de/TODO.txt contains a complete list of
    all unknown teleconverter-related data.
  * Added the BG-10 to the "Power" page.


  * All lens-ralated pages are automatically generated by a Java
  * The http://KMP.BDimitrov.de/TODO.txt contains a complete list of
    all unknown lens-related data.
  * new: ZX-60, FA28-80/3,5-5,6 AL.
  * programA also available in chrome
  * a number of new lens images


  * Found out the full story behind the aspherical element in the
    K15/3,5 lens.  See the corresponding text for details.
  * Various improved images.
  * Added lots of Italian and French references.


  * Moved the lens resolution numbers from the individual pages to
    a single page.
  * Better optical diagrams: 28/3.5 Shift, 100/4 Macro, 200/2.5,
  * Changed the number of batteries for the Winder LX from 6 to 4.


  * http://kmp.BDimitrov.de/bodies/photos/LX_FB-1_FC-1.jpg
  * Optical diagrams for: FA* 200/4 Macro, FA 28-90/3.5-5.6,
  * Declared the F* and FA* 250-600/5.6 to be using the same optical
    formula.  Until now they were 17-15 and 18-16, but I am 99% sure
    that the difference is that someone did not count the rear filter
    of the F* lens.  So now both are shown as 18-16.
  * Added an image for the (non-SMC) Pentax-A 70-200f4.
  * Improved images of M35f2, 50F4 Macro, M100f4Macro, M150f3.5,
    motor drive MD, battery grip M, superA, NiCd battery pack LX,
    motor drive LX, databack LX, remote battery pack, K20/4, K28/3.5,
    FA* 85/1.4, MZ-3, Z-1p, A1.4X-L, A2X-L, A1.4X-S, F* 300/4.5, K2 DMD,
    P50, F50/1.7, FB-1, FC-1.


  * Changed the Copyright notice to explicitly prohibit to use any KMP
    images for eBay and other commercial activities.
  * Added watermarks to most KMP images.
  * Some more improved pictures.
  * (Limited) info on the MZ-60.
  * Removed the mention of Hot-Shoe Adapter Fs and Off-Camera Adapter Fg.
    It seems that these items do not exist.
  * Picture and info on Databacks MD and Fe.


  * Items for sale.  Use the link "For Sale" in the top menu.
  * Individual pages for all lenses.
  * Better pictures of about 50 items.
  * Info on MZ-6 and FA 28-90/4-5.6.
  * Optical diagram of the FA 24-90/3.5-4.5 AL [IF].


  * Proof-read, spell-checked and validated all pages except the
    lens-related ones.  Added links to all significant topics to the KMP
    index page: http://kmp.BDimitrov.de/siteIndex.html
  * Rewrote the off-camera flash page:


  * The KMP now has its own subdomain.  The old address still works,
    but the new one is preferred: http://kmp.BDimitrov.de/


  * Acknowledged the existance of the AF360FGZ flash.  Now I need info!!!


  * Better quality optical diagram of the 31/1,8.
  * Better quality optical diagram of the A 50/2,8 Macro.


  * Found a (bad quality) optical diagram of the FA31/1,8 Limited.
  * Improved optical diagrams of A28/2,8, A50/1,4, A*300/4, A28-135/4.
  * Improved image of FA* 400/5,6.


  * Made the KMP page with imagemaps display correctly with Opera 5.x
   (bug in Opera!)
  * Made the top and bottom menus display correctly with Netscape 6.
  * Better picture of the M20/4, M50/4 Macro.
  * Moved the page to http://kmp.BDimitrov.de/
  * Details on K/A 15/3.5, F/FA 50/2.8 Macro, K/M 2000/13.5, K135/2.5,
    85/2,2 Soft, and M/A 50/2.
  * All needed info on AF201Sa.
  * Automatic aperture settings for the AF140C flash.
  * Better picture of the FA* 24/2 AL lens (including hood).
  * Better picture of the FA* 85/1,4 lens.
  * Better picture of the 85-210/3,5 lens.
  * Picture of the 4P Sync Cord C, 4P Multi Cord.
  * Picture of the Finex-A 70-210/4.
  * Added the FA 31/1,8 AL Limited to the Prototypes.  When the lens is
    indeed released, I will move it to the primes' table.
  * Indicated the weight of the NiCd battery pack M: 179 g.


  * Individual pages for all prime lenses instead of a single table.
  * Arnold Stark becomes a significant contributor.
  * Updated the raw results in Extras/Top Bodies with roll-call 70.
  * Info on the newly-released FA 28-105/3.2-4.5 lens.
  * The F 70-210/4-5.6 features one ED element.
  * New screens for the LX.
  * MZ-7 is also available in black.
  * Info on the MZ-S.
  * Info on the newly-released FA 24-90/3.5-4.5 lens.
  * Discontinuation of MZ-5, MZ-10, MZ-50.
  * MV-1 is also available in silver-black (picture coming up).
  * Renamed "FAQ" to "Extras".
  * Added a link "Misc" to the bottom menu.
  * Rewrote some of the text in the "Top bodies" section.


  * Changed the links to the PDML in the "WWW" page.
  * Picture of the (non-SMC) Pentax-F 70-20 f/4-5.6 lens.
  * Picture and information on the AA Battery Grip SF.
  * Indicated which lenses feature built-in hoods.
  * New pictures of: Profile 35-70/3.5-4.5
  * Improved pictures of:
    - A 16/2.8 Fish-Eye, FA* 24/2.0, 28/3.5 Shift, FA 43/1.9 Limited, M50/1.4,
      FA 50/2.8 Macro, A 135/2.8, M 135/3.5, FA* 300/4.5, A 35-70/3.5-4.5,
      A 70-210/4, F 80-200/4.7-5.6
    - A 2x-S teleconverter
    - MX, MZ-5n, Z1 SE
    - AF240Z flash
  * Improved optical diagrams of: FA 20-35/4, FA35/2, FA 77/1.8,
    FA 100/3.5 Macro, A/F 28-80/3.5-4.5, F 70-210/4-5.6, FA 100/300/4.7-5.8.
  * Info on the non-SMC 35-70/3.5-4.5 lenses.
  * Indicated which lenses feature tripod sockets.
  * Indicated which IF lenses have rear-element focusing.
  * Updated the "K-Mount feature summary" page:
  * Cosmetic changes to the top-level FAQ page:
  * Created a new page in the FAQ section: Lens-Related Formulas:
  * Added a magnification calculation script to the Lens-Related Formulas
  * Made a page on the "best" Pentax bodies:
  * Finished redoing the K-mount description pages:
  * Corrected the filter diameter of the 45-120/4 lens: 58 mm.


  * Removed the P3t body altogether.  It seems that it never existed...
  * Corrected the color of the ME Super SE.
  * Improved pictures of 15/3.5, 17/4 Fish, 28/2, M 28/2, M 28/2.8,
    FA 35/2.0 AL, M 35/2.8, A 50/2.8 macro, FA 77/1.8 Limited, 135/2.5,
    FA 135/2.8 IF, monocular converter, ME body, AF280T
  * Picture of ME Super SE.
  * Extended the "Legend" page, and renamed it to "About".
  * A number of new images in the "Focusing" page.
  * Added info on the Takumar AF14 flash.
  * Listed the custom functions for Z-1 and Z-5(p).
  * Added info on the monocular converter in the "Teleconverters" page.  Then
    renamed that page to "Converters."
  * Picture of the Takumar-F 70-210/4-5.6.


  * Picture and info on the FA* 200/4 Macro!!!
  * Pictures of the KM MOT and KX MOT!
  * Added a note about AF220T incompatibility with manual focus bodies.
  * All pages now have a "path" at the bottom.
  * Added a picture of the 4p sync cord B (5m).
  * Completed work on the LX and 50/1.2 special editions.  Thanks to Dario
    Bonazza, everything should be correct now.
  * Placed the correct web address of the AOHC in the "WWW Resources" page.


  * Redesigned the top and bottom menus.
  * Renamed "Tutorials" to "FAQ".  Did a lot of work in the FAQ section.
  * Added a picture of the ME SE body.
  * Redesigned the viewfinders page.
  * Expanded the LX body table with the gold, titanium, and 2000 editions.
  * Expanded the Z/PZ bodies table with the Z-1 SE.
  * Moved the flash-related adapters to the flash page.
  * Moved the flash-related cords to the flash page.
  * The adapters page does not exist any more.
  * The lupes pages does not exist any more, since the two loupes are not
    K-mount equipment.  I still have the pages, if anyone is interested in
    hosting them...


  * Added a page on interchangeable screens.
  * Added a page on the LX interchangable viewfinders.
  * Added a column for the K1000SE in the K-mount bodies.
  * Added a page describing my focal length experiments (still under
  * Indicated the flash capabilities of all bodies.
  * Added a link to the Pentax X/Star forum.


  * Indicated which bodies have "funny" metering modes; for the AF bodies,
    split "Metering" into metering for K/M lenses a and A/F/FA lenses.
  * Indicated the partial manual diaphragm of the "soft" lenses.
  * Replaced about 10 lens photos with better ones.  Added some body pictures
    under the "Miscellaneous Body Photos" link.  Also a picture of the highly
    unusual MF-1 body.
  * Added an index page (linked from the bottom menu).
  * Optical diagram of the F(A) 100-300 f/4.5-5.6 lenses (thanks to Ralf
    Picture of the gold LX and the 50/1.2 lens.
  * The "Auto settings" on the flashes now do not list the power settings but
    rather the apertures that the flash sets on the body.
  * Introduction dates of some SMC-F lenses, due to a new brochure (ref
  * Included a "START PAGE" link at the bottom of every page that points to
    the starting address of the K Mount page.  Now when I need to refer to a
    specific page, I can give the absolute address, and there is a way to get
    to the start page.
  * Indicated which of the MZ/ZX bodies feature DOF preview.
  * Picture and other info on TR Power Pack 2.
  * Aperture blade count for SMC-A 28-80/3.5-4.5.
  * Moved the "Lens Terminology" section from the "Introduction" / "K Mount
    Evolution" document to the "Lenses" / "Information format and
  * Explained the FREE system.
  * Indicated which lenses feature the FREE system.
  * Discontinuation dates for all P-series and SF-series bodies.


  * Added a summary of Fred's and Yoshihiko's resolution tests.
  * Introduced a new column in the lens tables: Features.
  * Grouped the bodies according to series and not according to mount
    version.  Now it is easier to point out the common features.

16 December, 1999

  * Changed the location of the page from
    http://www.cs.purdue.edu/~bdd/Pentax/ to
  * Yoshihiko Takinami took over the maintainance of the lens resolution
    results.  The new URL is http://www.takinami.com/yoshihiko/photo/

1 October, 1999

  * Development resumed.

12 December, 1998

  * Development was suspended due to my military service.

16 May, 1998

  * Added HTML frames to make site navigation easier.

12 October, 1997 ~ 16 May, 1998

  * Almost daily updates extended the KMP to include data on cameras,
    flashes, motors, power supplies, etc.

12 October, 1997

  * Made the initial page public.  It was a single page that described
    only the SMC lenses.