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K 2000/13.5 Reflex

General Description

As I am not familiar with any tests or descriptions by people who have actually used this lens, I need to do some "educated guesses." My imagine then that using this large and heavy lens is a real challenge: finding a suitable tripod for it, carrying the tripod and the lens around, focusing on distant subjects using such a narrow aperture, striving to eliminate vibrations and shooting super-fast film are all difficult things. But when they are all combined together, the challenge is even greater. On the other hand, this lens or its successor (the absolutely identical M 2000/13.5) have been in Pentax's lineup since 1979.

The lens offers two rear filter holders, one for use with color filters and one for use with neutral-density filters.

Product Information
Exact Namesmc PENTAX REFLEX 1:13.5 2000mm
Years of Production1979 ~ 1982
Availabilityused, once in several years
Catalog Number24980
Sold with Hoodbuilt-in hood
Sold with Casededicated trunk: no name

Technical Specifications

Optical Formula6 elements in 4 groups
Aperture Rangef/13.5 ~ f/13.5
Minimum Focusing Distance20.0 m
Maximum Magnification0.12 X
Special Featuresreflex lens
Front-Filter Threadno
Rear-Filter Diameter52 mm
Maximum Diameter180 mm
Length530 mm
Weight8000 g
Special Featurestripod collar
Caphard leather slip-on cap, 181 mm
Fitting Hood(s)built-in hood
Fitting Case(s)dedicated trunk: no name

Subjective Evaluation

Since I am not aware of any tests of this lens, I cannot make any comments about its optical performance.