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A 15/3.5

General Description

This lens is virtually identical to its predecessor, the 15/3.5. The only differences are the A-style focusing and aperture rings, an extra "A" aperture setting, slightly softened edges, and five aperture blades of the instead of the six of the 15/3.5.

Although it is very seldom that one finds the A 15/3.5 for sale used, any good photo store should be able to order it new.

Product Information
Exact Namesmc PENTAX-A 1:3.5 15mm
Years of Production1984 ~ 2004
Availabilityused, once in several years
Sales Variations
Catalog Number2201022010
Sold with Hood
Sold with Casehard case: HE-120soft case: S90-100

Technical Specifications

Optical Formula13 elements in 12 groups
Aperture Rangef/3.5 ~ f/22
Number of Aperture Blades5
Minimum Focusing Distance0.3 m
Maximum Magnification0.08 X
Front-Filter Threadno
Built-in FiltersY48(Y2), Skylight, none, L39(UV), O56(O2)
Maximum Diameter80 mm
Length82 mm
Weight595 g
Capmetal slip-on cap, 80 mm
Fitting Hood(s)not applicable
Fitting Case(s)hard case: HE-120
soft case: S90-100

Subjective Evaluation

This lens uses the same optical construction as the 15/3.5 but supposedly features an improved SMC coating. It is then reasonable to assume that the "A" lens boasts somewhat better ghost/glare suppression while all other optical indicators remain virtually identical.

Although I know of no side-by-side comparisons between the two lenses, user reports tend agree with the above.