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K 85-210/3.5

General Description

Pentax has developed a dedicated close-up lens for this lens which shortens the minimum focus distance from 3.5 down to 1.9 meters. All Pentax sources report the wrong weight for this lens (1050 g), but weighing an actual sample shows the real weight — 1087 g.

Product Information
Exact NameSMC PENTAX ZOOM 1:3.5/85~210
Years of Production1976
Availabilityonce in a lifetime
Catalog Number27580
Sold with Hood
Sold with Casehard case: SMC PENTAX ZOOM 3.5/85~210

Technical Specifications

Optical Formula12 elements in 11 groups
Aperture Rangef/3.5 ~ f/32
Number of Aperture Blades9
Minimum Focusing Distance3.5 m
Maximum Magnificationunknown
Filter Diameter67 mm
Maximum Diameter77 mm
Length208 mm
Weight1050 g
Capplastic clip-on cap, 67 mm
Fitting Hood(s)screw-on hood: H-R67
Fitting Case(s)hard case: SMC PENTAX ZOOM 3.5/85~210