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Pentax Zoom Lenses with Short Focal Lengths
Table 1. Pentax Zoom Lenses with Short Focal Lengths.
Lens Elements-
Min. Focus
Distance (m)
Filter Dia-
meter (mm)
Lens Diameter
x Length (mm)
Weight (g) In Production
DA 10-17/3.5-4.5 Fish-Eye ED [IF]10-80.1468 x 71.5320yes
DA 12-24/4 AL ED [IF]13-110.37783.5 x 87.5430yes
DA 16-45/4 AL ED13-100.286772 x 92365yes
DA* 16-50/2.8 AL ED [IF] SDM15-120.37784 x 98.5600yes
F 17-28/3.5-4.5 Fish-Eye9-70.4565 x 61255no
DA 17-70/4 AL [IF] SDM17-120.286775 x 93.5485yes
FAJ 18-35/4-5.6 AL12-100.286771 x 69203yes
DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL12-90.255268 x 67.5225no
DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL II11-80.255268 x 67.5220yes
DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL WR0.255268.5 x 67.5230yes
DA L 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL0.255268 x 67.5200yes
 DA 18-135/3.5-5.6 AL ED [IF] WR13-110.46276 x 73405yes
DA 18-250/3.5-6.3 AL ED [IF]16-130.456275 x 85.5455no
FA 20-35/4 AL10-80.35870 x 68245yes
M 24-35/3.59-90.55864 x 48290no
M 24-50/412-100.45864 x 67380no
A 24-50/411-100.45864 x 68375no
F 24-50/40.45870 x 67380no
FA 24-90/3.5-4.5 AL [IF]13-110.56772 x 75355no
K 28-50/3.5-4.510-100.555265 x 52315no
M 28-50/3.5-4.50.65265 x 52310no
FA* 28-70/2.8 AL14-110.436785 x 104800no
FA 28-70/4 AL9-70.45266 x 66240no
A 28-80/3.5-4.512-90.85863 x 75355no
F 28-80/3.5-4.50.255865.6 x 75390no
FA 28-80/3.5-4.78-80.45871 x 84380no
FA 28-80/3.5-5.60.55865 x 78278no
FA 28-80/3.5-5.6 AL7-70.75873.5 x 71.5230no
FAJ 28-80/3.5-5.6 AL8-80.45863 x 67180yes
FA 28-90/3.5-5.610-80.45866.5 x 67.5195no
FA 28-105/3.2-4.5 AL [IF]12-110.55866 x 66255yes
FA 28-105/4-5.613-110.435873 x 96515no
FA 28-105/4-5.6 [IF]15-120.56272 x 74305no
A 28-135/417-151.77780 x 112820no
FA 28-200/3.8-5.6 AL [IF]16-140.527278 x 83465no